How To Build Your Own Karaoke System

People all over the world love Karaoke. In fact, there is something magical to get on the stage to sing a popular hit song, or even better, to enjoy someone else's performance waiving with the beats. Adding karaoke touch to...

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Karaoke Speakers Buying Guide

We all talk about Karaoke and like to play our part in it, but have you ever wondered what the word Karaoke means! Okay, let’s split it to know the meaning. The word 'kara' stands for empty whereas the word...

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Difference Between Karaoke File Formats

Nowadays karaoke is more popular than it was ever, as millions of fans around the world are falling to the trend for taking the best out with minimum efforts. After all, who doesn't want to be a famous singer? With...

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VHS vs UHF Wireless Microphones

The wireless microphone systems are becoming more and more popular as technology advances. This makes it difficult to recognize which wireless system is the best. Oh, wireless system; this is a device that transmits sound on a radio wavelength to...

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The History Of Karaoke

Though the real story of the emergence karaoke is still unclear, we can still trace its origin. The word “karaoke” originates from “kara” a short form of “karappo” which means “empty” and “oke” a short form of “okesutora” – orchestra....

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