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How To Build Your Own Karaoke System
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How To Build Your Own Karaoke System

People all over the world love Karaoke. In fact, there is something magical to get on the stage to sing a popular hit song, or even better, to enjoy someone else's performance waiving with the beats. Adding karaoke touch to the party or the gathering makes the fun undeniable and help to cherish the new memories. The best part is, karaoke systems provide lyrics to the singers, so those who do not remember the exact wording of the songs can also join in to be a part of the show.

While the dedicated karaoke systems are popular these days, people sometimes prefer to build their own saving the budget and the ease of setting it anytime anywhere. The reason can be anything, but not all have the professional karaoke devices to perform their songs. So if you are the one who loves to sing with the lyrics but don't want to invest majorly on the peripherals, this piece of content is exclusively for you. We will guide you through the ways where with the help of the little bit of investment and the readily available things at your home, you can build your own karaoke system.

  1. Karaoke System with a Laptop

Every karaoke system needs the four necessary components for the full-fledged operation- a microphone, a screen, speaker set, and the music source in karaoke format. When it's about setting up the easy karaoke system, the computer or the laptop serves well for the purpose. People prefer to include their laptop in the functionality to make the experience much more flexible and with a greater power. The big advantage of the laptop lies in the fact that it can perform almost everything that a dedicated karaoke machine does, while also contributing enough storage for the tracks. All you need is a mic (with 8 inch TS adapter) and a good karaoke software to make a good start. There is a variety of karaoke software available on the internet that works well for all the major operating systems; you can choose the one as per your choice and ease of access. Some of the popular names are -Red Karaoke, KaraFun, Karaoke Version.

Additionally, if you are looking for some additional effects to get that pro type of feeling, go for the plan of arranging some karaoke tracks in CD+G format and the karaoke mixer amplifier with the setting options of reverb, mixing, echo, etc. Establish the setup with the laptop and boom; you are ready for the party.

Although the screen resolution and the speaker capability of the modern day laptops come as enough, for more clarity and audibility, you can make use of the external pair too. For connecting the speaker set you can easily insert the audio jack in the related port of the laptop or the mixer, but for the screen setting, make sure you have the HDMI cable available to establish the idea.

  1. Karaoke System with YouTube

Yes, you read it right. If you are planning a family party or want to have some fun with the friends, you can make the best use of the YouTube. Just with the few steps, you can be the karaoke legend in your group with some fantastic skills. Of course, you can sing along with the YouTube without making use of any of the equipment, but it won't give that much of fun which you can expect from singing in a group while setting the mic in a proper feel. The main advantage of having YouTube is you can set up your playlist and can enjoy the automatic track streaming. There is a large collection of karaoke songs available on the YouTube that displays the lyrics with each beat and flow. You can simply search them adding the word 'karaoke' before the track name and enjoy the ease without learning the exact wording.

2.1 Using Laptop

To start with, you will need the basic things microphone, speakers, mixer, internet connection, and a device to play YouTube songs. To note, if you are thinking to make use of your home theatre speaker, then be careful, they are designed for the recorded voice and not for the live vocals. If at any point your singing goes to the next level of the hard metal track, you may come across with the issues of distortion or even the speaker damage. So, it is either you should have the separate speakers to hold the high volumes and the mic connection, or you will need to adjust the volume accordingly with the rise in pitch.

For setting up the karaoke system, establish the connections between the laptop, karaoke amplifier/mixer, and the speakers-

Turn on the laptop and check for the internet connection working.

You can stream for the karaoke songs on YouTube adding the word "Karaoke" before the name of your favorite tracks.

Connect the karaoke amplifier/mixer with the laptop.

Connect the microphone and speakers with the amplifier/mixer and check the settings of volume, echo, etc.

Use HDMI/VGA cable to fix a connection between the TV and the laptop screen for a better visibility of the lyrics.

You can also use two set of speakers, one for playing the karaoke, and the other for the connectivity of the microphone to handle the singer's live volume. But remember:

When using the VGA cable, the home theatre speaker will be connected via laptop audio output, and

In case of the HDMI cable, the TV audio output will be connected to the home theatre speakers directly using the mixer or the 3.5 mm jack, depending on the connection of the speakers

2.2 Using Chromecast

If you are having the Chromecast connected to your TV, it will surely add an advantage as you will not need to have a laptop in this case. Simply you can browse for the songs and get your TV connected to the home theatre speakers. For setting the microphone output, you can make use of the amplifier/mixer and connect it to another set of speakers.

  1. Karaoke System with the Help of Karaoke Mic

Don't feel bad if you have no idea about the different cables, audio jacks, the mixers and the amplifiers. Obviously, it is just normal as you don't need to be a tech-savvy to enjoy the music. Even if you have no setup, no speakers and no mixers available, you can sing and build your own karaoke system. How? The answer is Karaoke Mic.

A Karaoke mic is a kind of microphone that comes with the inbuilt speaker set and needs no wires and connections for its functioning. It supports the Bluetooth making it easier than ever to get connected with the mobile or laptop. So now you can sing your favorite tracks while enjoying the lyrics from the mobile/laptop screen and the audio will be automatically out from the inbuilt speakers. It also supports the use of pen drive, but the major drawback lies you can't see the lyrics.

The overall setup of the karaoke mic feels as so simple that even a child of 5 years can make it work and enjoy the singing fiver to the fullest. It has the shape and size exactly equal to the professional mics provided with a set of buttons on the side to control the volume, echo, bass, and treble. It is easily available, and you can get the one for you from the electronic markets nearby, or can also order from the online platforms.

Considerably, now you must be content with the easiest setups that you can try anytime for building your own karaoke system. Last but not the least; try to grab some mic foams or mic pads to cut out the way for infection. As mic stays really close to the mouth and many singers of your group are going to use it, you can change the foam once in between the session. Moreover, the mic foams also help in cutting the wind sounds and boost the sound clarity to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it once; call your friends and relatives for the next karaoke party hosted by you and get ready to see them dancing and singing on the beats. Enjoy the unlimited fun and pass your tricks to the loved ones. Give all of them a chance to throw the weekend party and be the volunteer to spark the move.




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