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Karaoke Speakers Buying Guide
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Karaoke Speakers Buying Guide

We all talk about Karaoke and like to play our part in it, but have you ever wondered what the word Karaoke means! Okay, let’s split it to know the meaning. The word 'kara' stands for empty whereas the word 'oke' stands for orchestra. So, for understanding it is something like the stage is empty with the band as ready; the need is only for the one who can sing the song. In a broader term, karaoke can be anything with the music file that gives the user a scope to sing and entertain. It can be either a CD, DVD or can be stored in a digital form.

There is so much spread talent in the world; some of the people are the professional singers, and the others are the aspirants to move in the league soon. Significantly, karaoke systems play an important role in the training and self-evaluation of the vocals and help the user to prepare for their favorite track. Additionally, if you are the one planning for a happening party and want to engage all the guests in a musical theme, undoubtedly, go for the karaoke; rest assured you will be doing wonders. So, whether it's at the party or you want to prepare your little one as the future Rockstar, karaoke serves well for all the purposes.


Considerably, it's more than just singing the song and having the lyrics in front; it is something to do with the sound quality and the feel related to it. People often get confused when buying the karaoke speakers for them or for arranging the party. So when thinking about the home, space will be comparatively less and you can effectively connect your karaoke machine to the home theater that will serve you well. Don't worry if you do not have the home theatre setup; there are some all-in-all karaoke machines available in the market that comes naturally with the speakers and the related functions in-built. You have to just plug-in, and you can start singing to be the next Enrique. It's that easy.

However, if you are a professional or the one working on the vocals, you might need some extra power and the additional features that the all-in-all karaoke machine would not be able to render. The professional machines come with the features to opt for the different power levels and the speaker volumes to make your overall experience as more clear and full of high-quality sound. So if you decided or bought yourself the machine, the task is not completed yet. It's the time to look for the professional Karaoke Speakers.

Look out for the essential points that you should keep in mind while buying the Karaoke Speakers.

  • Portability and the Ease of Setup

Often people neglect it, but the ease of setup and the portability are the factors that save much of your time when you travel from one place to another and need to establish the connections in a flash of a moment. Not always you have a bunch of the team members to help you out and place the speakers; they should be portable and easy to move back and forth with the handles, wheels or the separate movable panels.

Many of the modern speakers come up with the functions like Bluetooth that are super easy to set out, and the universal compatibility makes easier than ever to get connected with any of the standard Karaoke machines.

  • Output

If you are thinking of the quality and loudness of the sound, look for the output that speaker offers. Most of the home designed karaoke system for kids produces the maximum of 5 watts that extends to 10 watts. So, considering the training area and the audibility you require reaching to the very last corner of the room or stage, you can decide or ask for the needed output. Example- 900 watts power with a frequency output of 50Hz to 20 kHz is enough for a speaker to get settle down in a medium-sized stage.

  • Sealed or Bass Reflex System

Technically if we look for the features of both, it's a tie. The choice just depends on the role of the speakers and the area designated. If you are focusing on the covered area that is limited, go for the sealed system, but if you are targeting something wide or even wider, the bass reflex system will work better. So be smart and go for the suitable one.

  • Size of Subwoofers

Bass fans look for this and if you are the one, check out for the size of the subwoofers. You usually will get 8-inch subwoofer fitted in all the standard professional speakers, but depending upon the loudness you need, you can move further with the range of multiple subwoofers equipped with a single assembly

  • The Distortion Level

No one wants the low-grade sound with a 'zarrrrrr' playing in the background. We all know how the distortion feels like and would not want it to reduce the quality of our performance. Remember to always look for the branded speakers that have their measures tested and certified. The standard distortion value should stand at <1.0% which is ideal for singing and adding the other extended devices for additional effects.

  • In-Built LED Lights

Are you a kind of the rock band performing in the back streets? Are you the one dipping the airs with the jazzy stance and the punk-not-dead attitude? Well, if yes, go for the speakers having the inbuilt functionalities of the LED lights. The lights will dance up the beat and throw the figures out with each up and fall. You along with your audience will enjoy the mutual reflection of the fun, and the dropping dead combination of the ultra-glowing LED lights. Depending upon the price range and the shape of the speaker you choose, you can make your best decision for the pattern of the lights and the change of the spectrum with each song.

  • Bass/Treble Adjustment Panel

Most of the standard karaoke machines have by default buttons to control the bass and treble settings, but as an extra benefit, if you have the same setup in your speaker too, you can get more precisely close to the perfection without missing even the smallest of the blues beat. While getting a set of speaker, you can ask for the one having the added LCD panel at the top with the settings to adjust the bass and treble loads accordingly.

  • Remote Control

Not all the karaoke speakers come with the functionality of the remote control, but if you need, you can choose the one with the added feature. A remote-controlled speaker assists better than the standard come-and-fix-me type, saving the time and energy in setting the frequency output with the karaoke machine and the other elements. Not to restrict here, you can also handle the ports, the microphones and the light pattern just sitting and spreading the infrared rays from the remote sensor. No, it's not the lazy's choice, but it's the lazy getting smarter.

Consequently, choosing the best speaker for your karaoke machine is not that difficult, but you need to have some knowledge not to get fooled by the witty sales person in the showroom. Along with the points mentioned above, you can also look for the length of the wire, range and version of the Bluetooth, device compatibility, mic and headphones jack, AUX input, Battery (if any), impedance, S/N ratio, and the maximum USB/SD memory card support. Rest, if you talk with the industry jargons and the niche-specific technical specifications, you surely will get the best of the suitable electronic buddy for you.

Further, always test and compare the price before you make the final purchase. Most of the times, we have the high probability of getting the deal and discounts when we talk about the competitive rates and the concessions to the floor manager. They try their best to crack the sale from their showroom- margin and will load you up with the best available offers. If the count of the speakers you are purchasing is more, don't forget to ask for the combo concessions of taking out the multiple items in a go.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself fastened and pick up your set of karaoke speakers today!





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