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Difference Between Karaoke File Formats
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Difference Between Karaoke File Formats

Nowadays karaoke is more popular than it was ever, as millions of fans around the world are falling to the trend for taking the best out with minimum efforts. After all, who doesn't want to be a famous singer? With the Karaoke aid, even the beginner can grab a chance for that great 'moment' where everybody joins around and listen to the fantastic self-sing song with the original beats.

Karaoke initially got started in Japan and then went on further to become popular in other Asian countries. Now it's the time when the American and European countries have also started to take their part in the social phenomena.

Karaoke is something which is also related to our well-being. Amazed? It is true. Singing releases associated hormones from our body that helps us to be happy and confident. It's always great fun to attend the clubs and the parties organized with the Karaoke effect, but when it comes to choosing the right format, most of us make a mistake and have no clue regarding the best suitable one. In the past, mostly all the karaoke files were used to be in the cassette tape form, but as the technology moves way to the broader options, compact disks and the related compatible Karaoke machines having the higher audio/video playback quality and ever-increasing storage capacity, come into existence.

Let us know the most popular Karaoke file formats and the fundamental difference between them:


  • CD Karaoke Files

These files are not different from the traditional CD format; their popularity fumed up as no lyrics can be seen while playing the karaoke files through the CDs. The most prominent advantage of CD format is they can be played with any of the standard CD players and not notably require the specialized equipment. As an extended benefit, the CD files can also be run with the help of the DVD player, but to get a gain-over and a full advantage of the sound quality, it is always recommended to use the specific compatible machine only.

  • CD+G Karaoke Files

The CD+G term stands for "Compact Disc Plus Graphics" and, as the name suggests, it allows the user to display the synchronized graphics, in the form of the "follow the jumping ball" lyric content, with the help of a display/television monitor as the song plays. CD+G karaoke files guide you to perform the song with ease efficiently and are the most popular and widespread format ever used. If you try to put this format in the standard CD player, it will only play the music, but as soon as you connect a screen with the setup, it will show you the graphics as well.

  • CDGM Karaoke Files

CDGM Karaoke files (also known as CDG Multiplex, Multiplex, or CD+Graphics Multiplex files) offer an enhanced version of CD+G Karaoke files in which two versions of each song can be stored. The first version excludes the lead vocals while the second includes them. This is the meaning of having its multiplex designation.CDGM Karaoke machines have a front panel or the main switch which allows the operator to choose between the two formats at any point of the playback. However, the main limitation of the format is its capacity to hold the files. Usually, half of the total songs of any other format can be stored in CDGM Karaoke Files due to its feature of handling two versions of each song.

The main advantage to the multiplex format is it gives the user a benefit to rehearse the song along with the original structure and vocal style. Further, it may be helpful to a less confident singer, who may not be entirely comfortable singing the solo all by him during the live performance. Most importantly, this format is most popular among the KJs (Karaoke Jockeys) who offer their audience the chance to sing a song along with the possibility of hearing the original form as closely as possible.

CDGM Karaoke files must be played with a compatible CDGM Karaoke machine.

  • CDEG Karaoke Files

These files are somewhat similar to their basic version CD+G files; however, they differ only with one feature- the extended graphics. The CD+EG or CDEG or CD+XG or CDXG format can play the extended graphics which can be anything like additional lights, figures or the colors. The functionality is same as the former version and currently, some of the nightclubs and pubs with multiple-color aura use them to enhance the visibility and experience of the user. Unfortunately, this format never became widespread, and you will not be able to find it quickly like the other ones. CDEG can be played using the same machine in which CD+G can be played.

  • VCD Karaoke Files

Also known as Video Disc files or the Video Compact Disc, VCD karaoke files are the MPEG-1 video version of the former CD+G format that mainly became famous to be in extreme use by Asian Countries. The point behind the popularity is the enhanced video quality that allows the music video format along with the lyric content display. This setup successfully holds the audience and raises their excitement/participation level. VCD Karaoke files only include the background vocals in the form of the original song. They do not hold the lead vocals particularly; so, the multiplexing is not available for this format. VCD Karaoke files can be played using only the compatible VCD Karaoke machines.

  • DVD Karaoke Files

DVD Karaoke Files (also known as or Video Disc files or Digital Video Disc ) are the advanced version of the VCD Karaoke files and are increasingly gaining the fame due to the established consumer familiarity with the -DVD advantages and features. Amazingly, the storage capacity along with the video and audio quality remains at best in this format. DVD Karaoke files can be played using the standard DVD players, but to achieve the feel of the advanced karaoke features like- setting multiple connections to the home entertainment systems, direct microphone input, and more menu options, they should be played on the specified DVD Karaoke machine only.

  • KBD Karaoke Files

Karaoke blue ray file is simply the blue-ray disc with the song and the lyric details in it. It is the highest standard of quality, and comparative to DVD, it can easily play full HD resolution and a lot more video information. To note, if your karaoke players support the KBD formats, it will support the DVD or the KDVD too, but the reverse is almost not possible.

  • Digital Karaoke Formats

As it’s the digital era and more and more people are in touch with the internet, gadgets, players, etc., the need for carrying the physical disc is not that necessary. Many users find it more comfortable to carry the karaoke music digitally than on the physical CDS. Here are the some of them-

  • MP3

Who doesn't know about the term MP3! Technically it is MPEG-2 Audio Layer III or MPEG-1 Audio Layer III which is widely popular and is used to store the songs digitally. Once when the digital space was quite expensive as compared to today, an alternate way was to compress the songs and save it in the computer as MP3 format. Later the MP3 became the standard verbiage to refer any form of the digital music. As we all know, this format only stores the vocals and not displays any lyrics.

  • MP3+ Graphics

Added feature to the MP3, MP3+G can also display the graphics/lyrics. As it's a digital format, MP3+G files can be stored in the karaoke player itself, or you can connect it to the SD card or the USB flash drive to play the desired track. If your player supports the MP3+G format, definitely it will also support the MP3 format, but the contrary is practically not possible.

  • WMA

Known as the Windows Media Audio, it is the own format of the Windows to compress and store the music. Same like the MP3, it can store the vocals, but no graphics. WMA is not so widespread or popular like the MP3 but almost has the same functionality.

  • WMA+G

WMA+G or the WMAG is the same thing as the WMA but with the added feature to store the graphics/lyrics. Same as WMA, it also not went so popular format to store the files, but some of the Windows users still use it to store their creations.



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