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9 Things To Look For In A Massage Chair
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9 Things To Look For In A Massage Chair

Before buying a massage chair, it is critical that you weigh your options prior to buying anything or else you can end up making a mistake. Some people view massage chairs as luxury items while others find them a must-have. If you have little or no experience about massage chairs, this article is a guide for the things to look for in a massage chair. It is left for you to decide what type of massage chair you would end up buying after reading this.

  1. It Is a Long-term Investment

Before buying a massage chair, you have to keep in mind that they are a long-term investment in your health. It is quite expensive and needs thorough research to get the long-term benefit. If possible, see if you can get an in-home technician service from the company you are buying it from.

  1. Material

The material used in the furnishing of a massage chair is also important. Most massage chairs are made with cotton or leather. Leather may be easy to maintain, clean, and wipe if it becomes wet. Yet, the quality of the leather may affect the price of the chair. Well, that’s left for your budget to decide. Good quality material features soft leather – which is quite expensive. The hard leather material, on the other hand, could offer a lower price.

  1. Friendly Interface

The fanciest massage chair that is on the market today are difficult to operate and the user interface is somewhat complicating. It is a good idea for you to choose one that is easy to operate and has a user-friendly interface.

  1. Functions of Your Chair

The ability of the chair lift to function well is another important thing to look for in a massage chair. A massage chair designed to lift its user can be beneficial to the seniors and those with medical conditions that hinder movement. Most patients need a chairlift to help them get up from a sitting position.

Everyone has his/her own preference; some people want a massage chair simply because they have backache complaints, while others need it just for relaxation. It will be helpful to look for proper functions that suit your own need and make sure that the chair you choose is able to meet the requirement.

Also, look for other functions like the vibrator, heated massage, shiatsu, automatic recline, and so on. The more function your chair has the more help you get with no risk of injury. Look for construction features and also consider the functions of other parts of the chair.

  1. Where Would The Massage Chair Fit In Your Home or Office?

This is an interesting question to ask and sometimes, the most confusing thing about having a massage chair. It is easy to get one, but knowing where to fit it tends to be the main issue. First, you need to get a precise measurement of the dimensions of the chair when the footrest is fully extended and when it is reclined. This will be the maximum dimensions of the footprint! After this, you will use the dimension to determine if the chair will fit your living room or a certain room. Note: there are hundreds of designs out there, you have to choose the one that makes the most sense and fits well with your décor.

  1. How Durable Is It?

This is another thing to look at! Checking out the durability of the massage chair is valuable to your time and wallet. The massage chair should offer a good durability, longevity, and functionality. Mind you, always look for one that is not difficult to maintain. Your chair should also be strong enough to withstand your weight daily.

  1. Engines

The number of positions of your chair matters a lot. This feature will determine the number of motors your chair will have. For instance, a two-position chair usually has one motor. Besides lifting, it can recline to a certain angle a little short of a full reclining position and most of the time, the footrest comes up when you make a recline.

An average chair would have three positions. This ensures a full reclining position!  It also has a footrest and one motor that work along with the recliner. For greater flexibility, opt for a two motor chair. They are designed to recline at any angle and its reclining control and footrest control are operated separately – if you want to.

  1. Massage Chair Features

Massage chairs are designed with so many features that you will make your comfortable during a massage. If you are mainly concerned with the back massage, shiatsu or lower body massage, find out some of the features available and the brands that possess the features. Most fancy massage chairs often have media players, heating elements, stretching elements and so on.

  1. Guarantees

There are many brands and manufacturers to choose from when it comes to massage chairs. But before you choose one, carry out some research and comparison online. Compare brand prices, sites, models, features and other additional benefits to ensure that you get the best chair possible. It is always good to choose brands not just by name but by their reputation. Note: Reputable brands have real warranties and reliable customer support.

Just make sure you get the best protection for your chair, as it is a long-term investment. In any case, don’t just trust the warranty by what you see, make sure the company honors the warranty they put in place. This is very important!

These tips will guide you to choosing the best massage chair for you. Lastly, don’t get carried away by the designs and styles you see. Also, don’t let your budget hinder you from getting what’s best for you. Remember, this is a long-term investment for your health. You have nothing to worry about because in the long haul, the deal will make perfect sense.



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