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6 Tips On Buying A Robotic Massage Chair
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6 Tips On Buying A Robotic Massage Chair

Massage has so many health benefits including the improvement of blood circulation which increases the way nutrients are pumped into the body’s organ. Massage also relaxes the body as well as relieving pain and ache. It stimulates lymph flow which in turn increases the body’s natural immunity to illnesses. There are many more health benefits of massage.

A robotic massage chair is an uncommon chair that has built-in electronic gears and motors that are specifically designed to massage and give comfort to the user sitting in them. The new robotic chairs have some sort of controller that allows the user to select which type of massage he/she likes and the intensity of massage the user wants. In any case, it is very important not to choose a chair based on its design alone, make sure it best fits your requirements.

Buying a robotic massage chair could be very difficult or easy, depending on you. There are unlimited therapeutic benefits one can enjoy when they are in use. In choosing the best robotic chair, you must first decide which type of chair you want, the basic mechanism of function, and whether or not it will provide the comfort that you need. Some robotic chairs are operated by either air or water. However, there are other models that combine the two types of methods.

A robotic massage chair makes you enjoy the benefits of professional massages even if you are tired enough to visit the massage parlor. In fact, modern massage chairs are designed to emulate real human massage techniques. They feel less like machines! Yet, the human touch massage still has a lot of benefits as well. Indeed, it is the best solution for this modern-day stressful life because by plopping on the chair, you easily get away from stress anytime.

Before deciding on a robotic chair, here are some considerations and tips to help you choose the best.

  1. Easy To Adjust

Make sure the robotic chair you want to buy is easy to adjust. The chair must allow the user to adjust both the speed as well as the intensity of the massage. Note: the more speed setting the chair has, the more expensive it becomes. Not all chairs allow the user to change the speed and intensity and manufacturers manage this by supplying extra pads to the chair that can ease the pressure on the back. More expensive models will allow the user to use the control panel to change the intensity electronically.

  1. Shiatsu

Shiatsu is an ancient holistic massage used in Japan. It is derived from two words; "shi" meaning “finger” and "atsu" signifying "pressure". It is applied using thumbs, fingers, and palms in a nonstop rhythmic motion. The pressure is applied to specific parts of the body. These Meridians (pressure points) is believed to improve the flow of energy and eliminate a number of ailments.

Shiatsu is precise and requires the exact location of the user’s pressure points – cheap models lack this sort of technology. Cheaper and older robotic massage chairs only come with vibration on the back and seat, but they don’t offer shiatsu. Get a robotic chair that supports shiatsu as it can alleviate and may even get rid of certain ailments such as headaches, anxiety, constipation, back pain and much more.

  1. Durability and Warranty

Most times, the more you pay, the better your purchase. If you want to know whether the chair is going to serve you for a long term is to look at the warranty. A reputable company that is confident on her product will offer generous warranties

  1. The Motors Must Be Properly Checked Because They Are The Motor Of The Seat

If the motors of your chair break, they become useless. Therefore, it is best for you to try and find out what you can about the manufacturers of the motors used. Japanese manufacturers have a high reputation for producing quiet and durable motors. Also, find out about how the motor operates; take your time to check whether the chair has independent motors that are dedicated to one basic form of action. Chairs that are dedicated to one type of action provide better massage. They will also help increase the lifespan of the motor because they are designed to rest during the massage.

  1. The Rollers

The rollers are responsible for the massage, so it is important that they are of standard quality. You can’t judge the quality of a chair by the number of the rollers. As a matter of fact, a lot of rollers mean they must be small enough to fit inside the chair. Also, ensure that rollers that you will buy will curve along the back of your spine – some rollers don’t.

  1. Only Buy From An Authorized or Reputable Retailer

If your chair eventually develops a fault or a part of it requires a little maintenance, your first venue will be on the retailer and not the manufacturer. Have a brief interaction with the retailer whether they will be of assistance in times like this. Also, ask them if they are an authorized retailer of the brands they sell.

Likewise, when buying online, look for companies that have contact (address, telephone number, and email) on their website. If they don’t provide any number, how then will you contact them in the future? It is a good idea to try out the customer service number of the company to know if the number is authentic.

On the off chance that you are not sure as to whether a robotic massage chair is ideal for you, I would recommend that you try one out! I mean, one session is all that you need to fall in love with this style of massage chair.



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