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Caner Patients Benefit From Massage
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Caner Patients Benefit From Massage

Massage for cancer patients is also known as oncology massage and it is rapidly gaining popularity over the years. Health specialists have made us understand the benefits that massage offers to people with cancer. Research shows that massage can reduce depression, fatigue, nausea, pain, anxiety. Massage can also help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments and improve quality of life as well. Oncology massage therapy uses reflexology, acupressure as well as gentle massage to help sustain both the physical and emotional well-being of cancer patients. Massage for cancer patients has been proven to help reduce nausea levels and pain. The treatment also increases serotonin levels, which can help reduce the rates of depression common in cancer patients.

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer that many women all over the world are battling with. Aside from the chemotherapy and other radiation treatments that have proven effective for women with breast cancer, massage is acknowledged to be one of the most effective ways to deal with the ailment. On the other hand, acupuncture has also emerged as yet another effective technique to deal with cancer. However, there will always be different forms of massage that will be given to a cancer patient. And, the use of massage has been used for cancer patients who suffer from the ill effects of chemotherapy as well as the discomfort of the disease-causing cancer. Massage can even be given before or after radiation therapy, or when the patient is receiving chemotherapy.

Some patients have lived with cancer for so long, while others are aiming at a full recovery. This is why it is important for cancer patient to strategize a work out plan for the massage. It might be helpful for their healing process. At any stage of cancer, comfort-oriented massage can be given to the patient. This form of massage is understood to be in different phases as massage as opposed to the general orientation that massage is mainly all about working on tight muscles, relaxation, and detoxification among others. Massage and acupuncture are generally considered better than invasive techniques because the mind, spirit, and body are all uplifted with these therapies. These therapies are crucial for treating the postoperative complaints of many cancer patients. Acupuncture is an astounding way to revive anyone lacking energy due to a rigorous therapy schedule.

Note that there are certain conditions when massage isn’t recommended. In cases when people are suffering from thrombosis, varicose veins, inflammation of the veins or fever, massage shouldn’t be used. During the period between the diagnosis of breast cancer and its therapy, a patient can safely undergo acupuncture treatment. The most interesting part is that the patient can still undergo massage and acupuncture along with the regular medical treatment. Massage therapy can enhance the quality of life of a cancer patient by alleviating much of the stress and pain for that person.


We are made to believe that massage therapy is associated with an improvement in cancer patients’ symptom scores. In fact, when massage therapy is performed by a registered/licensed massage therapist (RMT), there are a number of benefits that may not be seen. And, as massage continue to gain popularity; many cancer patients are including massage therapy to standard cancer treatment.  However, before a massage therapist work on any patient, they should make sure that massage therapy for the client has been approved by his/her physician.

The physiological and emotional benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients form an integral part of the physical healing process. Those undergoing cancer treatments describe their treatment as being painful, difficult, and invasive to endure. An oncology therapist understands the needs of each patient and will apply gentle strokes as not to cause further injury, damage or pain. By now, you know how effective massage can be in terms of releasing stress and tension in the muscles – whether it is pain caused by cancer of other conditions. In addition, you probably know that massage helps cancer patients to sleep better. Combining these effects, massage can help to reduce pain by relaxing muscles, releasing stress, and aiding sleep.


There is a misconception that massage for cancer patients can spread cancer to other parts of the body. Luckily, this has been proven incorrect. Although massaging a tumor isn’t a good idea; yet, there are many parts of the body that will surely benefit from oncology massage.

Truly, massage can be effective and safe; yet, cancer patients are advised to seek the approval of a physician before employing the service of a professional masseuse. You should contact a physician because they are able to recommend whether or not you need a massage therapist. A reputable health center may even be able to connect you with a professional masseuse.

NOTE: Some cancer patient worry that massage can spread cancer cells throughout the body through the lymphatic system. And, what is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a network of nodes, vessels, and organs through which lymph flows. Those who have experienced lymph nodes removed are at risk for developing lymphedema and needs to consult a professional oncology massage therapist as cancer may spread into the lymphatic system through the lymph nodes, or it may begin in the lymphatic system itself. If massage is applied incorrectly, massage can cause lymphedema. Also, massage benefits those who suffer from lymphedema because it provides manual lymph drainage which helps to remove waste and toxins, as well as reduce the swelling of tissue.



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