Lexus Firm

Lexus Firm Gold 13" Firm 3 USA Mattress Model 2024

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Size: Twin XL


This mattress boasts a double-sided design, enhancing its durability and ensuring extended longevity, thereby delivering twice the value to the user. Its construction features a meticulously quilted, multi-layered top and bottom, each providing a luxurious 1-inch thickness, fostering an environment of enhanced comfort and rejuvenation for restful sleep.

Furthermore, the mattress incorporates an additional layer of super firm foam on both sides, supplemented by a high-density foam core. This combination offers exceptional firmness, catering to individuals in search of robust support for a firm sleeping surface.

Designed with adaptability in mind, this mattress is adjustable friendly, engineered to seamlessly integrate with adjustable bases. This feature enables users to customize their sleeping experience, promoting ergonomic alignment and personalized comfort.

This mattress exemplifies superior craftsmanship and quality assurance. It provides substantial support and comfort for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Approximate thickness of 13 inches.
Feel: Firm 3
5 years Limited warranty.
Made In U.S.A