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KOK Audio MI 700 Karaoke Microphone System

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This system has a solid structure, stable and reliable performance, easy operation, and more importantly, can present the sound perfectly.  Whether you are a singer, an instrumental player, or a Karaoke lover, let your performance can play more freely.

This product use dynamic cartridge with highly consistent super cardioid pattern at 120 off-axis it creates superb isolation and unsurpassed gain before feedback, optimized for using in vocal, speaking and instrument performance the feature of noise, high durability steel grille is used, elegant and no damage incurred to its shape dropped.  Durable structure modular design for easy assembly and detachment, especially convenient for after sales service


    System Parameter
    Modulation mode: Broadband FM (FM)
    Frequent range: 530-580 MHz, 640-690 MHz
    Number of channels: 200 preset channels with 250 KHz
    Frequency stability: ±0.005%
    Dynamic range: 100 dB
    Maximum deviation: ± 48 KHz
    Audio frequency response: 50 KM - 16.5 KHz
    Intergrated SNR: 105 dB
    Comprehensive distortion: <0.3%
    Adjacent channel inhibition: > 70 dB
    Operating distance: About 100, 150 m

    Receiver Index
    Receive mode: Automatic dispatch reception
    Mode of oscillation: Phase-locked ring (PLL) frequency synthesis
    Antena input: BNC socket outlet/ (50Q)

    Intermediate frequency: 110 MHz, 10.7MHz
    Sensitivity: 12 dBuV (80dBS/N)
    Discrete inhibition: > 75 dB
    Maximum output level: +10 dBV
    Supply electricity: At 12V DC, 1A
    Working current: < 500 mA

    Transmitter Index
    Antenna: The handheld microphone has a built-in spiral antenna, and the waist-hanging transmitter uses a 1/4 waelenght whip antenna
    RF output power: Hight power level of 30 mW
    Pick up head: Moving coil
    Descre inhibition: -60 dB
    Supply electricity: Two # 5 AA Alakaline batteries
    Battery life: High power for 6 hours
    Operating ambient temperature: -10°C + 50°C


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