JPMedics Nami Sonic Wave Vibration Exercise Machine

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Color: Black

Sonic wave vibrations are generated from a speaker system with new magnetic circuits, opposed to the traditional rotating mechanical motors. Sonic wave vibration technology stimulates muscle fibers (myocytes) stronger than gravity and exercises muscle fibers to repeat fast and strong contraction and relaxation. With this, muscle strength is improved faster than usual muscle trainings methods.


  • Sonic Vibration Massage(Base Vibration)
  • Body sensors
  • Weight Scanning
  • Massage Time: 3/5/10 Minutes
  • Mobilephone slot

Effects of Sonic Waves
Sonic waves exercise and soften tendons and ligaments which are hard to exercise. Sonic waves exercise not only big muscles of the human body but also small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvic muscles, which usual weight trainings cannot exercise. Whole body vibration exercise combined together with usual power training will increase maximum muscle strength by an additional 30%, reduce required training period by 85%, and will also reduce training sessions by more than 50%. Contrary to general muscle training like weight lifting, vibration exercise does not cause any overload to the joint, tendon, or ligament; in other words, it does not cause any risk of injury.


Body Sensors & Weight Scanning
For safety, we have added body and weight sensors to the Nami. If someone under 80 pounds sits or stands on the machine, the Nami will not work.


Auto programs
The Nami Sonic Wave Vibration has four auto programs created to maximize the exercise effect for each specific body region. 4 Auto programs.


7" LCD Screen
The control for the Nami is an easy to use touch screen control.


Manual Program
In a manual program, you are able to create your own personalized sonic vibration routine.


Memory Mode
With the Nami control, you are able to save your favorite manual program for future use.  5 custom memory.


Mobile Phone Slot
For added convince, there is a spot for you to place your cell phone while you are using the Nami.




Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.7”x26.8”x53.9”
Stand area size (LxW):24.8”x15.4”
Power Voltage: 110 -120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Weight Capacity: 83-396lbs
Power Consumption:320W
Power Supply Wiring Length: 70.9”
Gross Weight: 141.1 LBS
Net Weight: 121.2 LBS
Usage Condition: Environmental
Temperature: 50’f – 104’f
Storage Temperature: 68’f – 140’f
Warranty: 1 years in home service & 1 years parts

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