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KOK Audio MI 500 Karaoke Microphone System

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The u-segment staceless microphone provided by our company is designed for performers who need to adjust the sound effect, which can improve your performance effect, simplify your preparation.

Innovative design such as automatic frequency hopping technology allows you to use the nonwoven system more quickly without any worry.

There is no money in this system, with audio compression and expansion technology, it can provide sound quality effects trusted by professional audio engineers

The u-segment cordless microphone system provided by our company has passed the tour test and can be used for Guitar Instrumental Music and vocal microphone.  It is simple choice for you to achieve the best sound effect.

  • PLL Dual module locked loop design
  • UHF 200 frequency spots PLL digital lock automatic selection
  • Infrared frequency matching
  • Automatic squeal suppression
  • Receiver and transmitter frequencies can automatic and manual choose
  • LCD liquid crystal display function
  • Hand microphone and receiver can be manually adjusted power


    • Carrier wave frequency range: 640-690 MHz
    • Frequency oscillation mode: PLL
    • Channels: 200
    • Frequency responses: 50 Hz - 16.5 KHz
    • Working distance: 100m - 150m
    • Frequency width: 50 MHz
    • Frequency space: 250 MHz
    • S/N ratio: > 105 dB (1 Khz-A)
    • Image Interfere ratio: > 80 DB
    • Sensitivity: > 105BDM (12 DB S/N AD)
    • Display: LED
    • Operations voltage: DC-12V 1A

    Handheld Transmitter

    • Carrier wave frequency range: 640-690 MHz
    • Dynamic range: >110 DB
    • Stability: ±0.005%
    • Frequency deviation: ± 48 KHz
    • Frequency oscillation mode: PLL
    • Spurious emissions: <-60 DBC
    • Radio frequency output power: 10 MW
    • Power consumed: ≤100 MA @ 3V
    • Battery: UM3, AAA 1.5Vx2
    • Display: LED


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