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What Is A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?
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What Is A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The term "zero gravity" on massage chairs originate from NASA and was used to describe a zero-gravity environment that astronauts usually often work in. A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed to support the whole body by taking the weight off our spine which thus, allowing the strains and stresses of our daily living to flow from our muscles. Over the years, this unique massage chair has been innovated and proven to be very effective.

The first thing that should come to your mind each time you think of zero gravity is astronauts that are seen floating about their spacecraft. They can easily maneuver in every direction. Ordinarily, the rocket would stand straight up and the astronaut would sit in a reclined position parallel to the earth. But sometimes, it is hard to see what is up and what is beneath in this type of environment. If you find yourself in an environment that has no gravity, you are allowed to relax and free-float to ensure that your body will assume a unique and relaxing position. It was discovered that this position would better distribute the astronaut’s weight during the forces of takeoff.

A quality zero gravity chair is highly adjustable and designed to create a sense of comfort and weightlessness, as well as providing support for the whole human body. Most zero gravity chairs are designed to set in a variety of positions such as reclining at several angles as in the zero gravity position. You can relax well in your massage chair while reading a book, working on your laptop or while watching TV. There is no better feeling than working on a comfortable chair – this makes you forget all your worries.

The chair is designed to position your lower legs above your heart; this stimulates blood flow, decreases blood pressure, and reduces the pressure on the spine, lungs, and heart. You will be amazed at how elegant the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are as they can fit in any type of home. It's normally made of leather and in different arrays of colors such as black, camel, cream, chocolate, and so on. It will fit in your living room or office and add beauty to any space.

The zero gravity position evenly distributes the weight of the body. When you sit on it, you won’t feel weightless; rather you will feel more comfortable. Each of the zero gravity positions would assuage the body's weight off of the spine. Many massage chair manufacturers are starting to adopt the zero gravity position. They are also trying to make it possible to raise the lower legs above the heart. The position of the legs over the heart helps to reduce swelling in the calves and feet.


Now, what are the kinds of features that are usually included in zero gravity massage chairs? Here are some basic features you ought to know:

  1. It should be adjustable to your body height and weight
  2. Massage with heat
  3. Back heat mechanism
  4. It should offer different types of massage, e.g. roll, shiatsu, and so on
  5. Vibration Massage
  6. Foot and calf massager
  7. Swedish Massage or Wave Massage

The foot and calf massager is a nice little extra feature that is added by a few manufacturers.


One form of zero gravity is raising the lower legs above the level of the heart. This position is used to increase the blood flow and reduce swelling in the legs. This exact position can also be achieved when you lie on the couch and prop your legs up with a pillow. In any case, a motorized recline mechanism is much more convenient.

Another form of zero gravity is reclining the users back into a position that distributes their weight better. The user is reclined backward! Unlike when they seat upright, their weight is not concentrated in just the lower back. Instead, the weight is evenly distributed across the spine.


The zero gravity massage chair is designed in a way that once you are sitting, all of the weight and pressure is taken of your spine and evenly distributed to all parts of your body. In these positions, the settings of the chair are intended to support the exact weight of the body so as to reduce pressure on the spine and ribcage, keeping the user more comfortable.

This chair is beneficial for those who suffer from muscle tension or back problems. The zero gravity chairs will provide the much needed pain relief, and make you feel relaxed while you watch television or read. By reducing pressure on the whole body, this chair can be helpful for people with chronic back pain and other physical discomfort such as Fibromyalgia.

The inventors of this chair (the NASA engineers) aimed at reducing the levels of stress on the body that would be experienced by astronauts as they were tested through the lift off process. The angle of the chair allows for many benefits in cases like this but also ones that are experienced when the chair was used at home too.

Buying a zero gravity massage chair can be quite pricey, yet, they are worth the investment. Before thinking about what and where you are going to place your chair, it wise to do some thorough research on the different brands and models. Browse the internet and compare features and prices online.

NOTE: Keep in mind the delivery and setup cost. Some stores will offer free delivery while others might charge you a great deal. Also, remember that a massage chair is really heavy, so the shipping fee will be considerable.



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