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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze 13.5" Extra Plush Mattress


Tempur Pedic Foundation
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This is the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze. If you are looking for a mattres that is very soft with a great underlying support then this is the bed for you. At a comfort rating at a 7 this mattress is recommended for back and side sleepers who are looking for good pressure relief without sacrificing support. Some of the features are you have a stretch knit cover that is tight. It is very thin cover allowing the Tempur ES material to contour to your body the way Tempur-Pedic intended. So with the thin cover it also has the breeze material which means it is designed to sleep cooler. You can actually touch cover and feel the coolness it is designed to stay cool while you sleep at night.

You also have a layer of the Tempur Climate material. The two layers work together to contour to your body and give good pressure relief to reduce tossing and turning giving you a firm dense overall feel. It’s also good at reducing motion transfer between couples. So if your partner is a light sleeper this is going to help reduce motion to give you a undisturbed sleep all throughout the night. It is also one of the most durable foams on the market today that is why it has a 10 year life expectancy. The all foam core is firm durable and adjustable.

So if you are in the market for Tempur premiere base this mattress is designed to go on a adjustable base. So if you are looking for a mattress that is going to give you good temperature control a soft initial feel good underlying support I highly recommend taking the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze.

Why You will love it.

Adaptive support in our softest bed adding cooling comfort made for hot sleepers made for people who want plush layers of comfort with deep levels of support. The mattress to your bodies shape and weight  to envelope your entire body in a cloud like sleeping experience.

    • A. Cooling Cover - With a high performance cover that is very lightweight, breathable, and infused with cooling technology to help promote a cooler sleeping surface.
    • B. Comfort Layer - Made from Tempur ES material that is extra soft material infused with Pure cool for a cooling comfort. It gives you both comfort and support for every sleep position, while drawing excess heat away while you sleep.
    • C. Support Layer - Made from Tempur material, this layer is designed to distribute your weight evenly across the mattress to help reduce motion transfer, while the Tempur Climate layer channels excess heat away from your body while you sleep.
    • D. Base Layer - This layer serves two purposes. One it’s a foundation foam that holds and supports the material above. Second it is used to disperse heat and keep mattress cool while sleeping.



  • Twin Long: 38" x 80"
  • Queen: 60" x 80"
  • King: 76" x 80"
  • Split King (2-piece): 76" x 80" total
  • CA King: 72" x 84"
  • Split CA King (2-piece): 72" x 84" total
  • *Dimensions of each individual mattress may vary.

    PROFILE: 13.5” approx.



    The amount that TEMPUR® material adapts to the body, measured by how much the mattress responds to your temperature, weight, and shape.