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Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair

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Refresh your body and mind while enjoying soothing massage therapy from head to toe. The Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair utilizes proprietary Smart Curve technology to reach every inch of your spine which helps to eliminate tension and relaxes all of your tight muscles. Leave your pain behind you with the Ogawa Refresh Plus.

Smart Curve™ Technology
The Refresh Plus uses next generation Smart Curve Technology that focuses on the natural s-curve of the spine. The roller keeps a constant and precise pressure along the length of your back. With an emphasis on the cervical curve, the neck and shoulder region are thoroughly massaged. Quad style rollers are positioned two on each side of the spine mimicking the motion of the human hand.

Advance Body-Scanning Technology
The Ogawa Refresh Plus massage chair uses its human like rollers to detect and memorize your shoulder height as well as the unique S-curve of your back to deliver massage techniques with accuracy. Data from the body scan is used by the chairs microcomputer, targeting the muscle groups to ensure each user receives a thorough massage experience.

Zero Gravity Technology
Using the Zero Gravity Position, the Refresh Plus elevates the knees above the heart for a feeling of complete weightlessness. Cradled in this position, all pressure is taken off of the spine, heart rate is reduced, and the depth and effectiveness of the massage is increased. Choose between 2 stages of Zero Gravity for your ideal position for comfortable massage.

Foot Rollers
The Refresh Plus now features upgraded reflexology foot rollers. These targeted rollers knead the bottoms of your feet while gentle air compression shifts the foot side to side for even more coverage. Acupressure points are massaged to release tension throughout the body, accelerating healing and relaxation. Sore feet have met their match.

Full Body Air Compression
Full body air compression is achieved with strategically placed air chambers for the Shoulders, Hands, Arms, Calves, and Feet. Gradual pressure is applied to increase circulation and release tension while acupressure nodes stretch and lengthen sore muscles.

Massage Techniques
The Ogawa Refresh Plus has 7 massage techniques to suit any of your daily needs: Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, and Dual Action.

6 Pre-Programmed Massages
The Ogawa Refresh Plus Massage Chair has 6 Pre-Programmed full body massages that use a unique combination of massage roller technology and air compression massage. The new programs include: Gentle, Relax, Neck and Shoulder, Lower Back, Lower Body, and Stretch. Each massage program provides different levels of intensity and speed to provide a humanistic massage that will keep you feeling great all day!

Spot and Partial Massage
The spot feature allows you to easily target exact areas along your entire back. Adjust the rollers to your targeted pain area and let the rollers do the rest. The partial feature allows you to target a region along the spine for massage. Simply select a location and the rollers will massage 6” in your targeted area.

Touch Screen Remote
This Touch Screen Remote is not only sleek in style, but is also the easiest way to navigate through your massage programs and options. Your body is mapped out on screen so that you can see and feel the precise placement of the rollers. Choose a spot or a partial massage option with ease, add the foot rollers and the heat with one touch or adjust the chair's position…oh the possibilities. You control everything with just one touch.

Heat Therapy
Soothing heat targets the lumbar area gently relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain. This helps restore healthy circulation throughout the body, and prepares the muscles for a deeper massage.

Vibration therapy in the seat stimulates the body and helps increase circulation. This promotes healthy blood flow that further relaxes your muscles and creates a whole body sense of well being.

Strength and Intensity
With 5 levels of speed, and 3 Width adjustments, tuning your ideal massage is easy.

Designed in California
Los Angeles is celebrated as a global leader in design and has a rich history in product design. Ogawa designers take a lot of pride in using the best aesthetics and best materials when designing their massage chairs.

Manufacturer Ogawa
Massage Roller Type Smart Curve
Roller Type 2D
Roller Length 31"
Glute Roller Massage No
Roller Width Adjustment Narrow, Regular, and Wide
Roller Strength Adjustment Yes
Roller Speed Adjustment Yes
Deep Tissue Massage Yes
Air Compression Massage Arm, Calf, Foot, Upper Arm & Shoulders
Total Airbags 36
Airbag Strength Adjustment Yes
Foot Rollers Yes
Ottoman Length Adjustment Manual
Body Scan Technology Yes
Automatic Programs 7 Automatic Programs
Manual Programs Yes
Memory Programs No
Stretch Program No
Massage Techniques Swedish, Shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, Dual Action
Spot & Partial Massage Yes
Recline Automatic
Zero Gravity One Touch with 2 Position
Heat Lumbar
Chromotherapy Yes
Vibration Yes
Upholstery High Quality Synthetic Leather
USB Connector No
Removable Back Pad Yes
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty - 1 Years In-home Service, 2 Years Parts, and 5 Years Framework coverage
User Height Range 5'2" 6'3"
Recommended Weight 300lbs.
Dimensions Upright 55.9"L x 30"L x 44.1"H
Dimensions Reclined 66.1"L x 30.1"W x 34.2"H
Seat Width 21"
Distance from Wall 10.5"
Weight 176.3lbs.
Box Dimensions 49.6"L x 31.1"W x 33.9"H
Shipping Weight 198.4lbs.
Box #2 Dimensions Not Applicable
Box #2 Shipping Weight Not Applicable
Box #3 Dimensions Not Applicable
Box #3 Shipping Weight Not Applicable
Box #4 Dimensions Not Applicable
Box #4 Shipping Weight Not Applicable



5 Year Limited Warranty
- 1 Years In Home Service and Labor
- 2 Years Parts
- 5 Years Framework
Extended Warranty Option
- Adds 2 Years In Home Service and Labor for a total of 3
- Adds 2 Years Parts for a total of 3

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