Human Touch ZeroG 3.0 Massage Chair

by Isingtec

Take a seat in the Human Touch® ZeroG® 3.0 massage chair, recline to zero-gravity, and enjoy the targeted benefits that will provide relief for your tired, tight and stressed muscles. Enjoy an impressive selection of features bundled into a modern massage chair. It’s a key ingredient for a balanced life- and it’s right in your own home! 

Custom 3D Intensity

Set the upper and lower back 3D massage intensity to soft, medium or intense to create your perfect massage. Includes adjustable softening pads for added comfort in the shoulder and lumbar regions.


One-step and hold moves the ZeroG 3.0 into the zero-gravity position that relieves pressure on the spine at any angle.

Smart 3D FlexGlide®

Free from the pinching and friction associated with typical massage chairs,  FlexGlide technology offers seamless glide to help you bask in the glow of ultimate relaxation.

Foot and Calf Massager

The extendable foot and calf massager with proprietary Figure-Eight Technology helps push the blood flow in an upward motion to improve circulation, while under-foot rollers provide a reflexology massage.

Auto-Massage Programs

Choose from three massage auto-programs to easily take you from stress to sleep.