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Dolce Sogno X-BIO Italian Mattress

(Made in Italy )

$6,000.00 $7,000.00

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It is possible to regain vital energy with rest. Just sleep on X-bio, a concentrate of innovation and design.

The multi-layer structure provides ergonomic support for the back and the right comfort. The Memory Foam a soft material with an embracing effect, thermos-sensitive to the body’s heat, provides a comfortable sleep. The High Density Foam performs the function of support.

The extraordinary and unique Coating X-Bio, created by the combination of CoolMax and Air Mesh, two well-known materials for evaporation and transpiration capacity, helping to complete outside the thermoregulation and perspiration process, and due to its insulating properties, prevents the sweat and body moisture from penetrating into the mattress.

Breathability and temperature control are at the top, just as it is at the highest levels the ability to improve blood circulation during sleep and reduce muscular fatigue after training.

X-bio is a mattress recommended for sports enthusiasts!


• 1ST LAYER made of MEMORY FOAM thermo-sensitive, non-deformable and adaptable

• 2ND LAYER made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM support


• X-BIO with COOLMAX and AIR MESH high evaporation, transpiration, thermoregulation, reducing muscular fatigue.

• MULTI-FRESH SYSTEM multi air-flow system, consisting of micro-pores on the sides of the mattress, to promote an extra air passage.


USA H.12 inches approx / EU H. 25 cm ca