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Dolce Sogno VENICE FIRM 15in Italian mattress LAVENDER COLLECTION

(Made in Italy )


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The Sogno Dolce Venice Mattress aims to please with its carefully crafted design. Its Reversible Pillow Top is composed of 5 layers with the Ultra Comfort-System. 3 layers of Memory Soy, High Density Foam, and Breathable Foam are in between a top and bottom layer of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. The core structure of the mattress is constituted of ergonomic independent pocket springs and a sensitive pocket spring system surrounded by an encased foam box system.The H2DRY coating on the bed helps the pure wool yarn to be crease resistant, elastic, and breathable. On the sides of the bed are the smooth, soft, and elegant Alcantara side bands and in between those bands are micro pores that  promote good airflow inside the mattress

If you are looking for an elegant, soft, and comfortable bed that can provide a cool nights sleep, the Sogno Dolce Venice bed is an amazing choice.

The central core of the mattress is made with the new Sensitive Pocket Springs System, a system through which the Independent Pocket Springs are completely adapted to any type of body size, weight or height thanks to the intelligent response that each spring is able to give to the different parts of the body.

5 layers of fine materials compose the Reversible Pillow Top, realized with the Ultra Comfort-System. The hypoallergenic fibers on the top and on the bottom are ideal for those who are allergic to dust; the Memory Soy obtained with the use of soy, a natural material, is heat-sensitive to body heat, models around its contours to then return to its original shape; the Breathable Foam, with a special open-pore structure, facilitates air flow and the central layer made of High Density Foam, support the body.

The high level of breathability is guaranteed by the breathable perimeter system Multi-Fresh and 3D-Plus Breathable Band on Pillow Top. The special coating H2DRY by Zegna enhances the profile of this mattress giving the pure wool uncommon features like breathability, strength and elasticity.

The design and manufacturing make H2DRY a precious jewel for the bedroom for those who seek a high-quality mattress for an absolute unconventional rest.



• SENSITIVE POCKET SPRING SYSTEM multi-zoned intelligence for a comfort suitable for all

• BOX SYSTEM (ENCASED FOAM) to avoid structural compression



• 1ST LAYER made of HYPOALLERGENIC FIBER synthetic fibers

• 2ND made of MEMORY SOY comfort and natural sleep

• 3RD made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM support

• 4TH made of BREATHABLE FOAM polyurethan that improves air flow

• 5TH made of HYPOALLERGENIC FIBER synthetic fibers


• COATING: H2DRY by ZEGNA Technical treatment that gives the pure wool yarns special qualities: breathability, elasticity, crease resistance.

• MULTI-FRESH SYSTEM multi air-flow system, consisting of micro-pores on the sides of the mattress and on the sides of Pillow Top, to promote an extra air passage.

• SIDE BAND: ALCANTARA elegant and sophisticated, soft, durable, light, strong.


USA H.15 inches approx / EU H. 30 cm ca