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Dolce Sogno LECCE Firm 13in Italian mattress LAVENDER COLLECTION

(Made in Italy )

$4,500.00 $6,000.00

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The Lecce mattress offers a structure that consists of four layers to help improve sleep. Constituted with Convoluted Graphite Infused Memory Foam and Convoluted Gel Infused Memory Foam. These layers help expel excess heat from inside the mattress while also conforming comfortably to your body. The 3rd and 4th layer consists of Convoluted Medium Density Foam, and Convoluted High Density Foam. These foams ensure lightweight yet stable support for sleepers who need a soft yet caring feel. Beyond the foams inside this mattress are the Sensitive Pocket Spring System which provide individualized support with each and every coil, the 3-D Plus Breathable Band that enhances ventilation along with the Multi-Fresh System to promote a cooler sleep, and its luxuriously soft cashmere cover.

Lecce is a mattress that offers high levels of comfort and thermoregulation thanks to the Ultra-Comfort System, that allows all four different kinds of Foams – soft and firm – to now be located in the area of the mattress that come in direct contact with the body.

These four layers gives a massaging effect due to their special profile.
The combination of Memory Graphite and Soft infused Gel has three functions:

  • Thermoregulation – retaining and giving off heat for optimal control of temperature and humidity;
  • Hospitability – Memory is thermo-sensitive, self-modeling and cozy;
  • Freshness – Soft infused Gel promotes thermal stability and provides freshness.

The base of the mattress is made of the new Sensitive Pocket Spring System which delivers an excellent ergonomic product. The special 3D-Plus Breathable band of the Pillow top, and the perimeter Multi-Fresh System allows easy flow of air inside the mattress. The cover is made of Cashmere, one of the finest fibers in the world that has an outstanding natural softness and shine. It is lightweight due to its core structure, that also aids in temperature regulation. It is durable and has an exceptionally soft touch.



  • 1ST LAYER made of CONVOLUTED GRAPHITE INFUSED MEMORY FOAM comfort and thermoregulation (a)
  • 2ND made of CONVOLUTED GEL INFUSED FOAM comfort and freshness (b)
  • 3RD made of  CONVOLUTED MEDIUM DENSITY FOAM optimum rigidity (c)
  • 4TH made of CONVOLUTED HIGH DENSITY FOAM orthopedic support (d)
    3D-PLUS BREATHABLE BAND – created with a meticulous processing, enhances breathability even in the pillow top and gives a special design
  • SENSITIVE POCKET SPRING SYSTEM,  individualized support
  • BOX SYSTEM to avoid structural sinking
  • PADDING: hypoallargenic fibers
  • COVER: CASHMERE, finest fiber, luxurious and soft, promotes on excellent temperature control
  • MULTI-FRESH SYSTEM: multi-aerator system, consisting of micro-pores on the sides of the mattress, to promote an extra air passage