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Dolce Sogno ENNA Firm 12in Italian mattress LA ROSA COLLECTION

(Made in Italy )


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The Enna mattress specialty lies in its effective yet environmentally friendly material used to make it. Bamboo fiber is an environmentally-friendly resource that also offers a unique stretch and recoverability. The bed’s padding is made of an environmentally friendly Natural Oil Memory Foam and natural oils are known to be therapeutic. The bed is 100% bio-degradable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The Bamboo Fiber and Breathable Band allows for the bed to breathe. Smells and bacteria will have a harder time accumulating inside the mattress because of these components.

Overall, this bed is a great choice for those interested in minimizing their impact on the environment while also having a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Enna is the ideal mattress for a natural sleep.

It has two plates – Memory Foam and High Density Foam, developed to give orthopedic support and improve weight distribution.

The padding is made of Natural Oil Memory Foam, a special kind of Memory produced with a technology which uses renewable raw material to obtain genuine expanded material, completely environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Natural oils are a source of well-being thanks to their therapeutic properties.

Natural Bamboo fiber has been recognized as eco-friendly resource due to its quick renewable nature. Offering fabrics that have unique strech and recovery characteristics.

It is 100% biodegradable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, with a natural scent, has excellent breathability and warmth retention properties that give a feeling of freshness during sleep, even in warm climates.


• 1ST LAYER made of MEMORY FOAM thermo-sensitive, non-deformable, adaptable

• 2ND made of HIGH DENSITY FOAM optimum rigidity


• NATURAL OIL MEMORY FOAM source of well-being and relaxation; eco-friendly


• NATURAL BAMBOO FABRIC 100% biodegradable, antibacterial, natural deodorant, hypoallergenic, with strong absorption capacity and breathability.

• BREATHABLE BAND facilitates breathability and prevents moisture buildup.


USA H.11 inches approx / EU H. 24 cm ca