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Bodyfriend Rex-L Brain


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The Smarter, Rex-L Brain
The world's first massage chair programmed with Brain massages.  Complete with a sporty design and ergonomic features

Brain Massage
Never-before seen brain massage.  REX-L BRAIN simultaneously massages the body while releasing binaural beats.

Auto Body Scanning
Sensors on back massage modules accurately locate user's shoulders.

Leg Extend
Leg rest extends 8 inches according to user's height.

S & L Frame
Extended SL frame from the neck down to the lower thighs for an all-inclusive massage.

Massage Ball System
S & L frame provides a deeper massage by following down even the most intricate curvatures of the body.

  • Kneading: Massage balls move inward and outward down the entire length of the back. 
  • Head Air Massage: The head cushion has an airbag which gently kneads the head for a refreshing massage.
  • Shoulder Massage: Shoulder airbags on the left and right relieve muscle tensions in the shoulders.
  • Arm & Hand Massage: Upgraded to comfortably fit the shape of the hand, hand acupressure mats have small balls to pinpoint and massage acupoints along the hands and arms.
  • Waist, Hips, and Glutes Massage: Side airbags sway the waists from left to right.
  • Calf Massage: Pocket airbags provide a powerful massage to relieve tired and swollen calves.
  • Feet Massage: Airbags massage the entire feet while 3-step rollers massage the feet soles.
  • Hand Acupressure Mat: 36 acupressure balls massage major acupoints research and found by doctors in Oriental Medicine
  • Three-Step Roller: A total of 18 acupressure massage balls make up the 3-step roller for the feet soles.

Enjoy a more comfortable massage with back and glue heating.  Adjust heating temperatures up to 104° F.

Zero Wall
Massage chair uses space more efficiently by sliding forward 12 inches before reclining.

14 Auto Massage Modes
No complicated setting needed.  Turn on one of the pre-programmed auto massage modes.  Modes: brain concentration, brain meditation, rest, office, recovery, athlete, hip-up, stretch, refresh, auto upper, lymphatic, digestive, waist-focused

Zero Gravity
The optimal angle to receive a massage, the Zero Gravity angle positions the body so that the gravitational pressure is evenly distributed along the body for enhanced massaging benefits

Bluetooth Speakers
Connect to your personal mobile device to listen to music while receiving a massage.

USB Port
Plug in personal mobile devices to charge the battery.

Zipper Upholstery
Replace overused interior sheets with easy-to-handle zipper upholstery.