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Bodyfriend Pharaoh-S


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PHARAOH-S is a prestigious selection for those with luxurious and elegant taste. Lavish craftsmanship paired with unprecedented technology, PHARAOH-S is equipped to gratify all the senses. A masterpiece that blends into any home, PHARAOH-S is an expression of confidence, refinement, and finesse.

Genuine Leather
Enhance your massage experience with genuine leather seating.  Feel a whole new sensation of real leather against your skin while enjoying massage effects PHARAOH-S

Genuine Leather
Astronautics-inspired weightless positioning, the Zero Gravity function reclines the body to evenly distribute gravitational pressure on the body for the ideal massage with the feeling of being on cloud nine.

Zero Wall
A space saving design.  Perfect for modern compact living situations, Zero Wall significantly saves space by automatically moving the chair forward and sliding when the chair is reclined.  This allows for a  more spacious living environment.

Maximizing massage experiences like never before, immerse the body with warmth using our extraordinary back and buttons heating function.

Thirteen Customized Auto Massage Modes

Uniquely customized auto massage modes come in the all-inclusive, PHARAOH-S.  Each massage mode is catered to addressing a specific problem area or promoting overall well-being.  Receive the most incredible massages you have yet to experience from a massage chair.

13 Modes: Recovery, Stretch, Rest, Refresh, Auto Upper, Auto Lower, Office, Hip-Up, Athlete, Adolescent, Rejuvenate, Lymphatic and Digestive

Auto Leg Adjust
Smart sensors placed within the interior of the leg unit perceive the relative height of the user to correctly adjust the leg length for a precise massage course.

Shoulder Airbag Massage
Six airbags compression massage the shoulders to relieve fatigue and soreness.

Ergonomic Hand Massage
Magnetic acupressure air pads administer moderate compression massages to the hands.  Targeted specifically at crucial acupressure points to gradually relieve body pain and ease the body into pleasurable comfort.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Remarkable Bluetooth technology to personalize and enhance massage experiences.  Easily sync your mobile device with your massage chair to listen to your favorite tunes through specially installed stereo speakers.

S & L Frame
The extremely long S & L Frame reaches the entirely of the back to even the under thigh area.  With the longest massage range, the S & L Frame delivers an unforgettable, thorough massage by embracing even the untouched areas of the body.