Bodyfriend Lamborghini LBF-750 Massage Chair

Color: Blue

The World’s First Ever Lamborghini Massage Chair

The LBF-750 is an innovative product that combines Lamborghini's design philosophy with bodybuilding beliefs. Bodyfriend has projected the value of 'healthy life' to customers and has presented a new standard of living with thoughts and choices that go beyond limitations. 


Simple Yet Bold Lines
Bodyfriend’s exterior design replicates Lamborghini’s charismatic aesthetics and bold colors. The Lamborghini spirit can be even from the smallest details.

Take Your Massage Chair for a Ride.
Experience the sensation of driving in a luxury super car.
Awaken the soul with LBF-750 that does more than provide extraordinary massages.

The Most Powerful and Delicate.

4D Massage System: Rollers, airbags, and complex body massaging with warmth automatically recognizes user's body shape to provide personalized massage.
Multi Interface Controller: Quick and easy left/right inner key control resembles the design of a super car.
Multi-channel Surround Sound: 8 speakers including woofer Virtual 5.1 channel stereo sound. Bluetooth / USB / AUX support.
LED Mood Lighting: Multi LED and pattern lighting provide the mood you want.

Brain Massage: Concentration & Meditation mode with binaural beats
Healing Massage: Healing music & customized massage upon measurement of user’s stress level
Supercar Massage: Sound system that resembles Lamborghini’s sound engine
Bluetooth Speaker: Multi-channel surround sound speakers crate amazing sound.


OS: Android 7
CPU: Cortex-A53 Quad Core @ 1.4GHz
LCD Type / Resolution: 5 in TFT / HD (720 X 1280)
Interface: Touch Screen
Battery: 2600 mAH
USB: Micro USB / OTG
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2
Charging Method: Wireless
Sensor: Light Sensor
Fingerprint: Stress / Pulse Sensor
Speaker: 0.7 w/ 2.37v