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Bodyfriend Phantom Black


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Classically themed PHANTOM illuminated its surroundings with its sophisticated yet effortless styling.  PHANTOM is the embodiment of cutting edge design starting with its captivating exterior to its intellectual interior. For the ultimate personal massage experience provided by a new generation of state-of-the-art smart massage chairs, PHANTOM is undoubtedly the compelling favorite.

Zero Gravity
With the Zero function, offset the effects of gravitational pressure on the body by elevating the feet to be level with the heart.  The body is weightlessly positioned at the angle to maximize massage effects and allow the user to reap the benefits.

Zero Wall
Our phenomenal Zero Wall function increases space efficiently by decreasing space used.  Installed with smart technology solutions that automatically slides the chair forward when reclined, Zero Wall saves users the trouble of not having to allocate extra space behind the chair.

Reaching comfortable heating levels, let warmth radiate throughout the body with the incredible back and rear heating function.

Eleven Customized Auto Massage Modes
PHANTOM is complete with an astonishing 11 Bodyfriend Customized Auto Modes.  Perfectly suited to address any body condition, various auto modes deliver meticulously designed massage sessions concentrated on appeasing all the needs of the user.

11 Modes: Recovery, Stretch, Rest, Refresh, Auto Upper, Auto Lower, Office, Hip-Up, Athlete, Adolescent, and Rejuvenate.

Auto Leg Adjust
Responsive sensors placed in the heel of the foot unit measure the leg length and automatically adjust the leg rest according to the height of the user.  PHANTOM's auto leg extend functions is also manually adjustable through controller settings to provide another level of convenience for the user.

Shoulder Airbag Massage
Six airbags compression massage the shoulders to relieve fatigue and soreness.

Ergonomic Hand Massage
Magnetic acupressure air pads administer moderate compression massages to the hands.  Targeted specifically at crucial acupressure points to gradually relieve body pain and ease the body into pleasurable comfort.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Customized every massage experience with Bluetooth connectivity.  Listen to your personal playlist while receiving a massage custom-tailored just for your needs.  Make the experience yours with Bluetooth connectivity

S & L Frame
The extremely long S & L Frame reaches the entirely of the back to even the under thigh area.  With the longest massage range, the S & L Frame delivers an unforgettable, thorough massage by embracing even the untouched areas of the body.