Bodyfriend Palace II Massage Chair

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The Newest, yet the Coolest.


XD Massage System
New conceptual massage that allows massage balls to transit up/down/front/back. Exclusive modes for women & elders.  Adjustable positioning of back massage balls up to level 5 through XD button

Auto Body Scanning
Sensors on back massage modules accurately locate user’s shoulder.

S & L Frame
S Frame: Fully massages from the head down to the waist
L Frame: fully massages from the waist down to the buttlocks.

Auto Leg Adjust: up to 8 inches 

Specialized Leg Massage
The leg unit fully massages swollen legs with 3 features:
1. Calf roller: rotating roller designed to reduce swelling of calf area
2. Air massage that kneads both sides of calf and feet.
3. Sole roller: acupressure massage that aggressively target acupoints on sole

Seize Both Design & Technology
  • 4D massage: customizes the range of the roller heads to the contour of user’s body
  • Brain Massage 2: Special technique with binaural beats
  • Calf Massage: Focuses on kneading the back of user’s calf
  • Palm Shiatsu: Magnetic reflexology that massages acupoints
  • Rest Mode: Exclusively patented technology to heal user’s body
  • Calf Rollers: Rollers attached on the leg unit
  • 3-step Feet Rollers: Massages feet with 18 magnets
  • 24 Auto Modes: select the preferable mode

  • USB Port: USB port for phone charging pot
  • Heating: Adjustable back massage function up to 140°F
  • Zero Gravity: Minimization of gravity to maximize massage effect
  • Zero Wall: Brilliant space saving design for reclining mode

Reclining Angle: 135°~170°
Lower Body Angle: 0°~113°
Kneading Speed: 23~36 kneads per minute
Kneading Width: 2.4in ~ 7.9in (6~17cm)
Tapping: 250~650 taps per minutes
Power Supply: 110V~120V
Rated Current: 1.7A
Power Frequency: 60Hz
Auto Timer: 10min/20min/30min
Airbags: Shoulders/Waist/Arms/Hips/Calf
Roller: Calf/Feet Soles
Massage Balls: Back/Buttocks (Spot & Range)
Auto Mode: 13 Auto Massage Modes
Product Weight: 324lbs
Dimensions Reclined: 76in x 35in x 33in
Dimensions Upright: 66in x 35in x 49in

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